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Did you realize that you were made to be a successful entrepreneur? You are. Or, at least, you can be. There is no one personality that makes up an entrepreneur. It takes all kinds. Unfortunately, many of us Nice Guys feel that it can't be us. That's not true. It can. I want to go on the journey with you and show you.


I'm Dr. Shane Smith

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I recognized that there are thousands more that never took the leap (or ever tried it a 2nd time). They are good people with great impactful ideas. But something held them back from going for it no matter how badly they wanted it or how hard they tried. They were like me...a Wantrepreneur.

Being a Nice Guy Entrepreneur myself, I recognize the things that make us Nice Guys are often the things that hold us back.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help people just like you find momentum and success. I know both the systems and the motivations that help Wantrepreneurs overcome the obstacles to become successful Entrepreneurs.

Remove Doubt

Learn how to handle your fears and make progress

Find Support

Grow with the support of others who are just like you

Learn it Your Way

Find ways to get to success that allows you to remain who you are

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My Story


Believe it or not, I'm an introvert. And believe it or not, my first job was in sales. Although they tried to teach me, I found that I could never be that 'salesy' guy.

I didn't realize it then, but later in life, when I became a college professor of sales and marketing, what I had created was useful to many others that wanted to start their own business. Why? Because the fear of selling is often the largest obstacle in starting a business.

The more I worked with entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs, I realized that so many of them also struggled with other areas. Like Fear. I started to recognize that while there were a lot of successful entrepreneurs out there that were Nice Guys, there were a lot more Nice Guys that never even gave it a shot.

I knew I needed to do something. The more I sought out knowledge, the more Nice Guy Entrepreneurs I found. I also found a whole world of educators sharing their knowledge online. In my role supporting existing entrepreneurs, I also saw just how important a support group is to them, no matter what stage of success they are in.

That is when I knew that I needed to create the Nice Guy Entrepreneur. A knowledge-based platform that also provided the support that the entrepreneur needed.


"I did it! I finally got started and already landed 2 clients"

- Luke O'Neil

"Every business owner should take your class"

- Gina Meier

"It takes all the pressure away from Selling."

- Stephen Baldini

Why I Do It

Like someone else you might know, I too had a rich dad and a poor dad. While I learned a lot of business from the rich dad, I knew I couldn't do it his way because he had a ruthless mentality when it came to business.  That wasn't me.

My poor dad didn't try to grow his business. But although he lived a very modest life, he was happy. My personality was more in line with his, and for years I thought that meant I would never be a successful entrepreneur.

After years of business and research, I found that I could take the best of both of my dads and that it is not only possible but very beneficial to be a Nice Guy Entrepreneur. You just had to know how to do it your own way.

There are many of us out there. You just don't realize it because you see them as different only because they are already in the limelight. One of my favorites is Sir Richard Branson.

Once I realized this, I made it my 'business' to help others like me. To teach them not to follow the mainstream influencers that are teaching the more hardcore methods. But instead, use the methods that you already possess and don't realize it. Now I wake up every morning with a purpose and a smile. I can't imagine doing anything else.

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You can be YOU and still start a successful business.  Remember, Nice Guys finish and...OUTLAST!