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How to Sell when you

HATE  to Sell

Transform your Passion into Profit, the Nice Guy Way!

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Are you an entrepreneur who loves your craft but dreads selling?

You started your business fueled by passion and expertise, but when it comes to sales, you feel like a fish out of water. You don't want to be the pushy salesman; you want to stay true to who you are ...

...a Nice Guy Entrepreneur

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How to Sell when you HATE to Sell

A unique online course designed for entrepreneurs (or wantrepreneurs). This course isn't about becoming someone you're not. It's about embracing your true self while mastering the art of selling.

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What's inside the course?

  • Simple Sales Process: A step-by-step guide that demystifies selling, tailored for those who feel uncomfortable with traditional sales approaches.
  • True Self Selling: Learn techniques that align with your personality. No more feeling 'salesy' or over-aggressive.
  • Building Long-Term Relationships: Discover how to create trust with your customers, ensuring repeat business without high-pressure tactics.
  • Real-World Scenarios & Solutions: Tackle common sales challenges with practical solutions that suit your own personality.
  • Feedback-Driven Development: Your insights help shape the course. As a beta tester, your feedback is invaluable in refining this unique program.

Grow your Cashflow

Research shows that the fear or disgust of selling has been a leading factor in new businesses not meeting their financial goals

Learn sales so that you can change this for your business. Learn the Nice Guy Sales Process so that you can do it with comfort and confidence.

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Why this Course?

  • Perfect for Passion-Driven Entrepreneurs: Tailored specifically for individuals who excel in their craft but struggle with sales.
  • Avoid 'Salesy' Approaches: Embrace a selling style that feels natural and customer-friendly.
  • Grow Your Business Authentically: Learn to sell effectively while maintaining your integrity and brand ethos.
  • Exclusive Beta Tester Price: Unlock full access as it builds for only $47 (will grow in price; likely to $497 or more).
  • Patience Pays Off: Join the program as we grow and evolve the course. Offer your input and reaping the benefits of early success.

Be Yourself. Be a Success


So many of us that originally dislike the idea of sales reach out to sales trainings (i.e. books, videos, seminars). Many of these are taught by others that we don't identify with. Heck, we are unlikely to even accept an invite to dinner with them. 

It is no surprise that we do not do a good job of learning from them either. We are likely to try to be someone that we are not or shut down completely when learning from someone that is too salesy or maybe just too corporate like.

I promise you that if this resonates with you, you will truly appreciate the Nice Guy process.

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